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My First Plarn DoilyThis is my first attempt at making a doily with plarn.  It’s not perfect, but I’m excited about how well it turned out.

The pattern I used is one I found on Ravelry, with extensive modifications. I’ve used this modified pattern to make several doily coasters with recycled cotton yarn.  This plarn doily, however, won’t be a coaster, as it’s too small at just three inches across.  Not surprising, as I used a very small hook.  So I suppose this will be an embellishment for something, perhaps for a plarn bag.

I’m looking forward to attempting more plarn doilies!


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This was meant to be a diaper bag, but I took it along on a recent trip to the beach, and it looked so at home there that I thought about re-designating it as a beach bag.  The beach is literally a part of this bag, as I’m pretty sure some fine sand worked itself into several rows as I was crocheting.  So this bag plainly belongs at the beach.  But after some thought, I decided that I can still consider it a diaper bag, as any diaper bag of mine will be ending up at the beach now and then anyway.

Still needs another gray stripe (Kohl’s bags, in case you were wondering), and handles, and a lining, with pockets.  I have lots of ideas for those pockets.  I need a couple of regular pockets, plus I think I might try a zippered pocket for the first time, and a little hook thingy for my keys.

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