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This spring, I planted a garden for the first time in my adult life.  I gardened growing up, but since I left home, I haven’t had a place to plant a garden of my own.  I did have my little pots of basil and tomatoes on the patio/deck/porch.  But not a real garden.

Then last year I moved to Texas.  While this place isn’t mine, I’ve been given free reign to plant what I please, in the side yard, at least.  So this spring, I dug up three little four-by-four plots and planted peppers, tomatoes, and okra.

I like okra.  I like breaded-n-fried okra.  I like oven-roasted okra.  I like gumbo with okra.

And I really like growing okra in my garden.  I got off to a bad start when I let my okra seeds get moldy (long story).  I planted them anyway; half never sprouted, but the other half have been growing happily ever since, despite the fact that I totally ignore them.  It’s 100 degrees outside and we haven’t had much rain and our soil is like a brick, but the okra plants just soak up the sun and shake off the bugs and grow like weeds.

I love that I can run out to my little garden and come back with these

and I slice them with some onion and saute them with a little olive oil and end up with this


I wish I’d planted twice as much.  Or three times as much.  Maybe next year.


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