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Y’all might be aware that I’ve had two shops on Etsy for some time now–ThoughtfulRose, for selling some of the things I make with recycled yarns and plastic bags, and ThoughtfulOldRose, where I sell vintage paper ephemera and books.  While I’ve kept the ThoughtfulOldRose shop stocked and active, I put the ThoughtfulRose shop on vacation for an extended time while I worked on some other projects.  Now, however, it’s back up and running, though with only a handful of listings, and it might take me a little while to get it fully stocked.  You can visit it here:

Thoughtful Rose

And if you want to visit my vintage papers and books shop, you’ll find it here:

Thoughtful Old Rose

A few months ago, I crocheted a couple of sets of doily coasters.  One set gets regular use; the other set I decided to put in my Etsy shop, so this morning I took a few photos.  I decided that a cup of tea would make a nice photo prop.  Then, of course, I had to drink the tea.  I think I will have to try to use cups of tea as photo props more often.

Sunshine Yellow Doily Coasters


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