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My First Plarn DoilyThis is my first attempt at making a doily with plarn.  It’s not perfect, but I’m excited about how well it turned out.

The pattern I used is one I found on Ravelry, with extensive modifications. I’ve used this modified pattern to make several doily coasters with recycled cotton yarn.  This plarn doily, however, won’t be a coaster, as it’s too small at just three inches across.  Not surprising, as I used a very small hook.  So I suppose this will be an embellishment for something, perhaps for a plarn bag.

I’m looking forward to attempting more plarn doilies!


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I’m in trouble…

I just discovered www.ravelry.com.

I mean, I’d heard of ravelry before, but was put off by the fact that you have to sign up for access; today, however, I finally took the plunge and signed up.  Wow, what a wealth of patterns and information!  I could spend hours on this site!

This is bad because I really don’t need to be spending any more time online.  I also really don’t need to start any new projects.

The reason I signed up for Ravelry today was because I was looking for doily patterns.  I wanted doily coasters.  Yet at the moment, I’m halfway through a yellow doily which will be much too big to use as a coaster.  Why?  Good question.  But it sure is pretty.

To clarify, this pattern didn’t come from Ravelry; I discovered Ravelry as I was taking a break from crocheting, somewhere around row 10.  This pattern came from a vintage crochet pattern book of my mom’s.  The yellow crochet thread and the hook also came from her stash.  I would have preferred to make a cream-colored or ecru doily, but the yellow was just there in the yarn box wanting to be used up, so use it up I shall.

I’ve never made something so totally useless.  I always make things that have some practical purpose, like bags to carry things, quilts to keep people warm, etc.  This doily serves no purpose other than being pretty.  Maybe I will sew it to a pillow or something.  Pillows are practical.

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Happy Independence Day!

This postcard was printed in 1907 or 1908.

It’s available for purchase in my vintage Etsy shop.

*EDIT* The card has now been sold, sorry.

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