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Once a week or so, I have a few hours of free time to spend in downtown Houston. I usually head to my favorite spot in Hermann Park, where I read, think, and crochet with plarn. Yesterday, I thought to take my camera.

This is my favorite spot. I sit in the cool shade and enjoy the breeze coming off the water. In the background is the Texas Medical Center.

My bench overlooking the medical center

The view from my spot. There are usually a few paddleboats on the pond, but the day was winding down by the time I took this picture.
The view from my bench
These guys (and a few seagulls, and squirrels, and turtles) keep me company while I work.

Ducks at the park

Here’s the project I was working on yesterday. I think this is going to be a new diaper bag. My last one (also crocheted from plarn) wore out from several years of heavy use. I didn’t toss it, though–I unraveled it and used the good sections of plarn to finish another project. Plarn is really easy to unravel and re-use.

My latest plarn project

Do you have a favorite spot to work on your craft?

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