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Help for Haiti

In the wake of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Etsy sellers are banding together to help. They are donating items to the shop above, “Hearts for Haiti,” which is donating all proceeds to earthquake relief in Haiti. Purchase anything from this Etsy shop and the money you spend (minus the unavoidable Etsy and Paypal fees) will be going directly to a worthy cause. Plus you get a neat handmade item. 🙂

I think this shop is such a great opportunity for those of us who don’t have cash to donate, but do have vintage or handmade items that we can contribute.

I’ll be donating these cards:

They seemed appropriate, given the heart theme.

Update, 1/20

I just learned that the “Hearts for Haiti” shop isn’t the only one donating proceeds to earthquake relief–the “Craft Hope” shop is donating proceeds as well.

Between the two shops, over $16,000 [EDIT, 1/25: make that $44,000] has been raised to provide medical care for Haitians, and that number is rising rapidly.


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Mixed Feelings

I just finished this bag–yes, finished it! I am very good at starting projects, not so good at finishing them. But this one is done and listed on my Etsy shop. As I look at it, I have mixed feelings. Part of me loves the bold colors–the white, blue, and yellow plastic bags just went so nicely together–but the other part of me thinks that it’s way too bright, and that my usual favorites (neutrals) are better.

This is only the second time I’ve lined a tote. Since I never do things exactly the same way twice, I made a few changes this way around. The top corners of the pockets are reinforced more strongly this time, and one pocket has a flap. Maybe next time I’ll do a zippered pocket.

If you’re not yet familiar with what I do–I work exclusively with recycled materials. The exterior of this one is crocheted with about 75 plastic bags donated by friends and Freecyclers (yay Freecyle!). The lovely soft gray lining fabric once covered the walls of a sound booth which has since been demolished. The handle and hardware came from an old purse I found at Goodwill (the body of the purse was stained and unusable).

I just finished ripping apart this bag. I used it heavily for a while, but it’s just too small to be useful to me any more, and too worn to sell or give away. Besides, I was never happy with the handles. So I’m going to re-use the plarn to make a new handbag. I can’t wait to get started–that big ball of lovely neutral beige and brown is just calling my name. 🙂

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Almost done! Just needs a lining, a magnetic snap, and a big black button. I’ve been putting off the lining because I anticipate that it will be tricky to get a nice fit. Maybe I’ll get to it today. I also need to find the vintage black button that I’d picked out of my mother’s button box–it seems to have vanished on me. Maybe I’ll just have to order another vintage button from Etsy. I’m trying to stay away from Etsy, however, as I could spend hours “supply shopping”; yesterday I spent waaaayy too long browsing vintage zippers. Oops!

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Plarn Coin Purse

I made this little coin purse the other day. Plarn is a very time-consuming material to work with, since you have to make the plarn before you can even get started–it’s akin to carding and spinning your own wool, rather than picking up a skein at the local yarn shop. But this coin purse, being small, yielded quick gratification; though it did take me a while to make the lining, as I’d never made a zippered lining before. Now that I’ve figured out the logistics, I look forward to making more. 🙂

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